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Pharmahands Unique Features

Many Pharma Stores using Pharma Hands to make their business best.

GST Billing.

Pharmahands is designed in the best way to follow the GST rules. GST calculations are automatic. You will get the benefits of our intelligent GST reconciliation system and will be notified if any bill mismatch is there. You can easily file your GST. Vendor customer bill reconciliation is also done through our software your CA can review easily. There will be no GST worries.

Stock Management

Pharmahands medical billing software has been designed with smart inventory methods. Our software helps you to monitor the stock levels from time to time. You can add the batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, MRP, etc for all the stock items. You will also get notifications regarding the low stock of any medicine item so that you can maintain the stock level.

Stock Expiry Alerts

Pharmahands Pharmacy Billing software is advanced software that ensures that you get notified on time about the stock of medicines that is about to expire. Therefore, there will be no loss of stock

Stock Transfer.

Whenever stock gets reduced in the shop due to sales, you can raise a request to the warehouse in our app for the new stock. Therefore, the stock will be transferred to the shop on time.

Advanced POS

To reduce your billing time, we have designed POS with superior technology. That really give you great experience of software.

Inventory Management

Smart inventory methods of this product will not let you keep excess stock, will not let you to run out of stock, will not let you damage any of your stock.

Discount Loyalty & Reward Points.

Whenever you are generating sales invoices, you can offer discounts and reward points to your customers. This will result in happy customers. This discount can be redeemed by you on your next sale.


Pharmahands pharma billing software ensures that the accounting statements like profit and loss account, balance sheet, and trial balance are maintained properly and the transactions are recorded safely.

Manage Employee Operations

Your employee attendence reports, based on the attendence salary processing, also other employee related operations can be handles well.

User Access Levels

Restrict and setup the access levels to each employee of your business as per your needs.

Day Summary

Receive business summary reports to your mobile number at your specified timings. To keep an eye on happening transactions..


We have GST invoicing feature that supports HNS code selection. All the GST calculations are automatic and accurate. There is no need to invest your precious time in selecting the codes manually for the medicines. Thus, it helps in a faster billing process.

Mobile App Integration

Our medical billing ERP software is well integrated with the mobile app. It helps in various functions such as custom integration to CRM, reconciliation of all the business transactions, payment of bills, and standing instructions.

SMS & Email Bills

Our software helps you to send bills and invoices to your customers through emails and SMS.

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Pharmahands helps in a better billing process.

Pharmahands ensures that the billing process is quick. Therefore, your customers are not needed to wait at the counter for a long time.

Multi Store Management

For All Types of Pharmacy Stores

Smart Purchasing Options

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Our Packages

GST Module
Balance Sheet
Trail Balance
Import Accounts and Transactions
Multi Mode Payment
Barcode Generation
Multiple Pricelist Management
Reward Points
Mutli Store Management
Customer EMAIL Campaign
Customer SMS Campaign
Email Sale Bill
SMS Sale Bill
Auto Set Owner Mail
Day Summary Message Alerts
Employee Message Campaign
Customer Message Campaign

How it works

Pharmahands is loaded with a special feature of Barcode generation.

Pharmahands has a barcode generation facility so that you can generate bar codes for your products.

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Pharmahands helps in the expiry management of medicines.

Our software sends you timely notifications of medicines that have expired and are about to expire. Hence, you can keep track of the medicines. This helps to prevent loss of stock.

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Pharmahands maintains a proper record of patient’s details.

Our software helps you to maintain proper records of patient’s prescriptions and reports

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